Monday, December 27, 2010

Goals...The Dreaded Review Time

Today I start to review last year's business plan, as well as goals business and personal. Yep, there were things that worked and didn't work in the business plan. Hopefully, I learned something from that. Like not to get over extended! Or could becoming more organized and focused be the answer?

Looking at the personal goals, I see the same pattern. Some were achieved, others not. Once again, I realize the need to either not say 'yes' to so many family/friend requests or become more organized with the time around them.

The coming year promises to be as hectic if not more so than 2010. In looking at life, work and personal, I think organization is the key to get me through a lot of what lies a head. I've discovered clutter around me also clutters my creativity. So after the business plan is laid out and the goals list started, I will refocus on dealing with organizing the work area that exploded. Add to my efforts, start nagging the Honey to do the same with the crap he has piled up in the office that has started to drive me bonkers.

I will set a weekly minimum word count. Divided by the number of days I schedule to work, if I miss the daily objective, I can then catch up by producing more on another day.

I will set a timer to limit my time on the social sites.

I will do more in promotion...once again using the timer to limit time spent so that I actually WRITE. If I don't write, then promotion become a moot point.

These are a few of the things that occurred when I started to think about my coming year. What about you? Do you have thoughts to share?


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