Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Monday and a Few Questions!

Can you believe how quickly the holidays are bearing down? Before we know it, it will be Christmas and then the start of another year.

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Will you invest more this year than last, or you about on track with the same amount of spending?

Just curious as to the reality of the economy since the media talks about retail sales increasing and holiday job hiring is up. Do you feel things have improved in your life the past year or few months?



Lisa Pietsch said...

I've been working on cutting a lot of dead weight over the past few months, both emotional and physical.
With an impending divorce I feel no need to spend on my soon to be ex who, in nearly 12 years of marriage, only ever bought me 1 Christmas present.
We recently moved and I discovered, while unpacking, that my sons have tons of toys and only play with a select few. Why buy more?
Material goods have a way of reproducing and eventually owning us. This Christmas, I'm giving most of mine to charity and breathing a sigh of relief.

JoanneR said...

I will probably be spending less this year. Husband had surgery and hasn't been working regular. But have found that there is so much more to the holiday than the material part of it. Plan on doing more baking and just socializing more.

Lizzie said...

Understand where you are Lisa. My first marriage ended after twelve years, and though he did manage more than one Christmas gift for me, the gifts were nothing compared to the emotional baggage he gave in low self-esteem. As for gifts these days...just small stuff for the with your kids, then have enough!

Joanne...Hope your husband is recovering from his surgery. You plan to bake more and solicalize is a great one! Enjoy as much of your family and friends as you can and forget about the 'stuff' that weighs us down. It's just more crap we have to sort through at some time in our life...or if we don't accomplish it, our family does when we're gone! Enjoy today and live to the fullest!