Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wednesday's Travels - How About Warm!

I know bucket list is one of the terms on the elimination list for 2012, but who cares.  That's what best describes my list of dreams before I kick the bucket.  Some I have accompished, others still fall into the dreams catagory.
The travel bug bit me in my teen years.  I longed to go places and see things outside my county.  Heck, I didn’t make to a neighboring state until a day trip for graduation when a friend’s mother took us to Myrtle Beach.
Then I married a military man and travel I did.  Lived in Germany a couple of times and during those periods saw a bit of Europe.  The marriage didn’t last, but the travel urge did. 
Now, many years later there are lots of trips under my belt, but I long to take more.  Most of the ones I have taken were enjoyable.  There were a couple…not so much, but that’s part of traveling.  The other side of the coin is all the nice people I’ve met.  There really are wonderful individuals in the world if you keep your eyes and heart open.

So given how cold it is here today my thoughts turn to warm and the beautiful water and beaches of the Caribbean.  And on that note I share a picture of St. Thomas, one the American Virgin Islands.  The first time I sailed into the harbor it felt like I’d stepped into a postcard.  This picture doesn’t come close to the beauty of the island.
And a list of fun is awaits us.  Whether you want to laze on the beach, explore the island or shop ‘til you drop for duty free up to $1,600, you can find it here. Just be prepared for a lot of glitter.

But for me the gentle breezes, the beauty of the harbor and the warmth of the people are the pull.
So set back and dream with me...I'm so ready to go again.  What's on your list of dreams?

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