Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday - Slap the Bitch!

Nights of missed sleep make for a cranky Lizzie and that’s how I crawled out of bed this morning.  After kissing the Honey goodbye and grabbing another mug of coffee to stare into before I swilled it down, an old saying popped into my wee brain…Life’s a bitch and then you die.  I heard this as a child from one of my relative’s that didn’t find joy in much of anything from what I could see through a child’s eyes.

But that didn’t hit me as hard as hearing those endearing words from my first husband when I had a day that wasn’t up to par.  Of course that was only a few of the encouraging things he said until I finally said “enough” and left his behind.

So when “life’s a bitch” popped into my morning cranky thoughts, it stopped me short. Yep, there are days when that’s the case and one thing for sure, we’re all going to die at some point.  In the meantime tough, I’m going to slap that bitch Negativity and kick her ass to the curb.  And from there I’m going to live life until the old Grim Reaper knocks. 

From the pissing and moaning I’ve moved into planning and writing.  Here you go with another snippet of the current rework.  I love Isabella…strong, determined and even falling in love with a god from the Nordic realm, she’s still her own woman who can still control when the mood hits…

“What’re you doing?”  Galvin pulled against the restraint on his left hand while she secured his right wrist with a scarf.

She sat back and admired her handiwork and the god who lay sprawled before her.

“I’m going to show you what woman on top is all about.”   

What did I think about Paradise Bay?
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Lisa Fender said...

Wow, Lizzie, sounds great! Looking forward to your next book! I like her style lol!

Eleni Konstantine said...

Glad you slapped that bitch back into her place, Lizzie. And go the WIP.