Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Updates and a Chance to Win a Nook!

Had planned to start today’s blog off with a brilliant opening line, but received notice of a blog post at another blog that made my day.  What a great way to start a Monday!  Curious?  Check out this link and let me know what you think…

Now back to our regularly scheduled program, minus the brilliant opening line.  The brain is overload from book demands.  I’m revising one and writing a new one.  Plus, the bitch muse is whispering in my ear about others.  She won’t leave me alone.  But, the positive side of her yammering is I don’t have to worry about running out of ideas anytime soon.

So first off, the revision…Struck by Lightning is now Nordic Heat.  The deletion of the prior series the now defunct publisher created and the addition of another POV add a new twist.  Yes, the original was an award winner, but hopefully this version will be even better.

The new book in progress is another in the Magical Love series.  Love Sara, my heroine.  Feisty, determined and smart.  As for the hero, Nate will leave you drooling along with me. Like most men he has a few flaws, but he comes around and realizes a good thing by the end of the story.

Now for a CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT!  Are you interested in a chance to win a Nook Simple Touch Reader?  Then you’re in luck!

1.       Be a Follower to this blog.

2.      Read the Monday & Wednesday posts because there will be questions.

3.      Answer the NOOK QUESTION asked at the end of the blog by emailing Lizzie … with the answer to the question.  Comments left here will not qualify.

4.      Hint…the answer will be in the prior Monday or Wednesday blog. 

That’s it.  The first question will be on January 9th.  The last question will be on February Wednesday, February 13th.  The winner will be announced on Monday, February 18th on this blog.

Now for other news! Have a newsletter rolling out…will put up a link next Monday.  Also, January kicks off the start of a new monthly column at Night Owl Reviews Magazine.  Behind the Scenes will interview those behind the scenes in the publishing industry verses authors.  I’ll put the link here when the magazine comes out.
See you Wednesday with the Bucket List offering!
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Larion aka Larriane Wills said...

what a way to get people to come back.

Lizzie said...

Hey, you think it will work...*g*

Thanks for commenting.