Thursday, July 8, 2010

Welcome Lisa Pietsch

Let's give a big welcome to Lisa Pietsch! Lisa and I met through a local RWA group and getting to know this hard working gal has brightened my life. In addition to her "we can do it" attitude, she also has a great sense of humor.

To celebrate her "Freedom" series, Lisa is offering a PDF of THE PATH TO FREEDOM to a lucky winner who posts a comment or question. Think you'll want this book! When I started it, I didn't get much done until The End...LOL.

Enough from me...let's hear what Lisa has to say!

Phoning It In

I write novels on my telephone.

My life is chaos. I have two active preschool boys at home and a military husband. We're in the process of moving from Colorado to Texas this summer and my oldest child will start school two weeks after we move. See what I mean about chaos?

Here's the thing: I can't not write.

I'm a Freelance Writer and Novelist. I put my business degree to use by writing freelance articles on free or inexpensive marketing methods for authors. The series of novels I'm currently working on is a combination of romantic suspense, action/adventure, espionage and a woman's search for who she is and where she belongs in the world. (I have about twenty other novels planned in various genres but who has the time?)

Most writers have a special writing place - an office or desk. I have a laptop on a kitchen table that is generally overrun with a GeoTrax fleet of trains, trucks and aircraft so I do the bulk of my writing on my second-hand Palm Smartphone.

Yes, I really do write articles, blogs and novels on my phone. I wrote this blog on my phone.

Now about what I write…

The Path to Freedom was born of a bit of my past, people I have known and a flight of fancy. I couldn't let go of the characters when the book was finished so I decided to write a series based upon these characters and their adventures. Of the seven stories I have planned, the following are available now at,, and other ebook sellers:

Sarah Stevens is a washed-up military cop whose life is a shambles until she is offered a position on an inter-agency anti-terrorism task force by the CIA. The thirty-year-old, overweight, down-on-her-luck Stevens goes to a secret training camp where she is transformed into a sexy and deadly agent whose mission is to find and stop, by any means possible, the financiers of terrorism against the United States and its allies. Although she goes into it thinking that it is just a job, Sarah soon discovers that this is a new life loaded with adventure, including the handsome Vince Hennessee, her team leader, and unimaginable danger in the form of Hassan, the man she has to destroy.

A Taste of Liberty
Sarah Stevens finally has a life. Instead of the same old life with no man around who is worth the energy, now she has three! One she loves but cannot have, one she can have but cannot love, and another who wants her and doesn’t care if she loves him.

Freedom's Promise
When one of their own is taken hostage and the Agency turns its back, the members of American Swift must take matters into their own hands. This time they’re off the clock and on their own.

You can read more about me, my crazy life and my books at If you aren’t offended by the objectification of the males of our species, check in on Fridays for my Hot Guys with Guns blog. (Hey, a girl’s gotta have a little fun, right?)


Mason Canyon said...

Lisa, your books all sound very intriguing. I have to say I'm totally amazed that you write on your phone. I can barely text two lines on mine. LOL. Best of luck on your writing and the upcoming move.

Thoughts in Progress

Lisa Pietsch said...

Thanks, Mason! I really write with the phone out of necessity. When my 2-year-old sat on my laptop something had to be done. :-)

Marguerite Butler said...

Welcome to Texas! Hope you enjoy it here. I'm amazed you can write on your phone. I send short, cryptic texts and that's all! You must have terrific patience.

Lisa Pietsch said...

Thanks for the warm welcome. I'll be there soon!
I have a built-in keyboard with actual buttons, it is an old smartphone, so I can hunt & peck and just use my thumbs which, surprisingly, goes faster than typing on a full-sized keyboard.