Monday, July 26, 2010

My Little Retreat

With the approach of spring this year, we decided to make spending time out on our patio in our “postage stamp” yard a priority. The sweat involved to create a little sanctuary for escape has been well worth the effort.

In the blasting heat of summer, our time is limited to early morning or early evenings when the sun dips behind the mountains. Morning is my time. I turn on the water fountain and sit with my coffee listening to the tricking water as I admire the potted plants of flowers around it and go to my creative zone. Most morning ideas about the current WIP or the one that’s completed, but needs revisions flow through me. On the mornings the ideas don’t come, there is peace in an almost meditative way that gives me the energy to go to the computer and write what flows.

Today, I wanted to share a picture with you of my meditation spot. Next plan I plan a few additions such as a Buddha, and possibly a change in colors for the flowers, but I definitely will have my retreat again.

What about you? Do you have a place to retreat to find your inner peace or creativity?


Mason Canyon said...

I love the photo, beautiful flowers. The sound of a water fountain and a good cup of coffee, who could want more. That would be a great way to relax and start the day.

Thoughts in Progress

Lizzie said...

Been out this morning, Mason and yes it was wonderful. Can even block the demanding bird who gets ruffled because his nest is in a nearby tree and the slamming of car doors as neighbors leave for work.

ladybirdrobi said...

hey Lizzie,
I have no special retreat just go lock myself in the bedroom, a retreat would cost money that I never have for things I'd love to have.

Best Wishes,

Lizzie said...

Understand, Robin. I've done that a lot in my life too. And the bathtub...a couple of inexpensive candles, a warm bath and closing my eyes to shut out the world.