Monday, July 12, 2010

Shoot Me...So I'm Not a Size 2

I don’t think I was born a size 2 and will never have fabric labeled with that number fit over my body, no matter how skinny I get. It called hips, baby…and I have good old child bearing ones. Still, within the fashion industry and a lot of the entertainment world, if you aren’t a size 2 or better yet in their minds, a size 0, then you’re overweight! Maybe if they take a walk through the real world, the sight of REAL women would get the point across that the majority of us aren’t walking sticks.

This body image fallacy most of us buy into has been spoon-fed to us since we were children. Having stick figures flaunted in front of today’s girls on such shows as American’s Top Model, where a size 12 is considered a plus size model, does nothing to help the average girl accept her body image. Instead of establishing good eating and exercise habits to be healthy, the focus becomes dieting to be skinny like some celebrity ‘stick figure’ they admire.

Well, I think we need to unit and say to hell with the image created by someone not in touch with reality and love the women we are. Reach out to the young girls in your life and encourage them to do the same.

A new ABC Family show, Huge is reaching out and is a refreshing change over ‘stick figure stars.’ In the show, the young gals (and guys) get shipped off to weight-loss camp for the summer. Nikki Blonsky is terrific, just as she was in Hairspray. She loves her curves and having curves and being proud of them is great as long as you’re healthy. Let’s hope the show get’s that across to the young viewers (as well as us not so young), in the process of entertaining.

As for me, when I ponder how the mirror portrays me, the question becomes, will I give up the full length mirror on the back of my bedroom door? Hell no! Admittedly, I’ve considered the possibility on bad days (you know the sort of outfits I'm talking about), but if I go to mirror that only reflects my face, then I’m greeted with the wrinkles, plus the bags under my eyes, every morning and that my friends is a whole ‘nother’ story.

What about you? Are you happy with your mirror?



Mason Canyon said...

I'm not happy with my mirror somedays, but I've never been a size 2 either. I know I'll never be a size 2 and I'm okay with that. I do wish the fashion industry wouldn't put so much pressure on young girls to be thin.

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Helen Hardt said...

I'm not sure I've ever been a size two, but I'm pretty happy with how I look. I'd like to erase the laugh lines, though, lol. Frankly, it's not healthy to be so thin, and I agree the fashion industry does pressure young girls.

Lizzie said...

Know what you mean about laugh lines...LOL

I think even the "skinny minis" have days they're not happy with the mirrow, Mason.

Helen, you dang well better be happy with that body...ROFL

Lisa Pietsch said...

Lizzie, my dear, you would be beautiful no matter what size you were!

My bone structure will never fit a size 2. I'll be happy enough when I get back to a 10ish.

As for my laugh lines, I hope I never lose those. It is the frown lines I regret :-)