Monday, July 19, 2010

The Males I Live With

There are two males occupying my living space with me. One has been around almost nine years and he pampers me the way I always dreamed of being pampered. He even gives great foot rubs on evenings he’s tired and would probably not.
The other, now that’s a different story. Demanding, bossy, needy and totally self-centered are a few of the good descriptions. He is the receiver, not the giver, of the attention. On rare occasion he may decide to show a little love, but for the most part…it’s all about him. Yep, getting in my face to let me know things aren’t going his way doesn’t faze him one little bit.
Why you ask, do I continue to let him live here? Well, he’s handsome and has a pair of eyes that burrow into your soul. Plus, I love him.

So meet Indy…the male who bosses me around like no other. And did I mention, he’s spoiled rotten!

Be honest, could you deny him anything when he looks at you like this?

Who dominates your life?


Mason Canyon said...

He is adorable. I can see why it would be hard to refuse him anything.

My life is dominated mostly by Little One (in the photo). She is more demanding than Gum Drop and truth be told, is probably spoiled more too. Can't help it, she was sick when she was little so she's always been catered to.

BTW, received my tee shirt Saturday. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Thoughts in Progress

Lizzie said...

He's a brat, but I love him anyway.

Understand why Little One dominates!

Glad you like the tee shirt!