Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Musings - Can a Hot Nord lead to Heated Nights? Maybe

Monday Peek

Set work aside for a few days to focus on family/house stuff.  Today I woke up with fingers itching to get back to writing.  Or at least finishing up the edits, revisions and expansion (adding content is writing) of a novel that I have the rights back on.  Now titled Nordic Heat, several scenes have been added through a new point of view. 
The thing I’ve discovered (other than the errors missed by novice author me and editors?) is I still love the characters.  Their names remain the same to protect prior readers who may miss the disclosure at the front of the book on the previously published information, but hopefully will remember the names.  Yes, Nordic Heat is set to end up in the hands of a new editor before continuing its journey to self-publishing.  And also the creation of a new hot cover.
Here is an excerpt where the hero and heroine meet for the first time.

 She was a sucker for a strong face, especially one with a cleft in the center of the chin.  The blue eyes reminded her of a pool of water, calm and deep, but the thing that made her fingers itch was the hair.  Barely brushing his ears on the side, the long blond top, shot with streaks of red and copper fell to one side of his forehead and over an eyebrow.  She wanted to reach out and brush it back just to see if it felt as silky as it looked.  Women paid good money for hair that color.
“Isabella?  Are you feeling okay?”  Sam looked at her with concern.

“Great.  Never better.”  She quickly recovered from the zone she’d drifted into while her eyes devoured the stud-muffin.
“Good.  I want to introduce you to your newest team member.  This is Galvin Haldor.”  The blond hunk stood and held out his hand.

Isabella reacted automatically, placing her hand in the one extended toward her. 
"Nice to meet you, Izzy.”  Galvin’s smile revealed a dimple in his right cheek.

The deep, rich voice combined with the lethal smile sent shivers down her spine.  “Me, too,” she mumbled.  Then it hit her.  He called her Izzy.  Who the hell did he think he was?  Nobody had called her Izzy since Gino tried when they were kids and she busted his nose. 


Sloane Taylor said...

Sounds like an excellent read, Lizzie. I do love a feisty heroine.:)

Eleni Konstantine said...

Fireworks galore are in store. Thanks for the snippet.