Thursday, March 7, 2013

Friday Hot Seat - See Joanna Fay Squirm

The lovely Joanna Fay agreed to answer a couple of questions for us this Friday.  I must have been ill when I sent her the questions because obviously I didn't make her squirm enough.
What is the best and worst thing about writing in your opinion.
‘Best’ is easy. I’d call it the ‘shared experience’. For me, it starts when a character takes hold of the reins and starts to write him or herself. It’s feels like a state of pure magic when I stop consciously ‘thinking’ the character while still getting to the know them, to that point where they are so well understood that thoughts, words, emotions, actions and reactions flow from them organically. Then they really start to live and breathe on the page, and there is a two-way communication between character and mesmerized author! Even better than best is when, despite how well I know them, they surprise me with something unexpected, an act or word I did not realize was in their scope. Like a ‘real life’ person, they live, grow and expand in those moments.
The other really rewarding part of this ‘shared experience’ is when a character who means a lot to me finds their way into the heart and mind of a reader. Several reviewers of my first novel, Daughter of Hope, have expressed their love for the lead villain. He’s a nasty chap; I love him because I know his personal history, and if that comes across to readers, that is fantastic.

‘Worst’ is more difficult. I like all ends of the writing process, from first sketchy ideas to initial drafting, to revising and editing, to publication. The most challenging area by far for me is promotion and marketing, but I am (gradually) learning to enjoy it. So really, there’s no worst.

If a reporter or paparazzi followed you around for a week would they discover any dirt on you?
Hmm, where to start. Only joking. Luckily, I shower every day! The paparazzi would have to dig quite a way back to find anything juicy. I had my share of ‘youthful adventures’ (that’s another story), but these days I am happy living a quiet, slightly reclusive life. Pretty much the only dirt around here is the odd bunny dropping that didn’t make it into the litter tray! Then, of course, there’s the secret lover….

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Joanna Fay said...

Thanks for hosting me on your blog, Lizzie. It was fun, even if I didn't squirm quite enough! ;)

Anonymous said...

That second question was rather below the belt! Well done Joanna for fielding it.

Sloane Taylor said...

Love the interview, Joanna. Now about that secret lover...:)

Joanna Fay said...

Ahh Sloane, he's one in a trillion :)

Joanna Fay said...

Thanks Jane, I thought about that one a bit before answering, lol! ;)

Anonymous said...

Joanna - I think most people find the promotion and publicity the tricky one. For me this is closely followed by writing the synopsis !
Enjoyed the post.


Joanna Fay said...

Susan, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Yes! Synopsis, and even more challenging I find is writing a blurb of exactly 150 words! Then there's the tagline....;)

Nicole Marree said...

The second question was indeed below the belt! Artfully fielded :) Really enjoyable reading Lizzie/Joanna, much more interesting and snappy than the usual author interviews. Love the concept of this blog - you've got a new follower, Lizzie :) N xx