Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Hot Seat - Sizzling Sloane!

Today’s guest is the ever Sizzling, Sloane Taylor.  If a scene calls for HOT, this woman will accommodate.  Make sure you have a glass of ice water handy when you read one of her books.  And I have to say, love this cover for Perfect Lie.  Says a lot on what the book is about without showing too much!!

 Hi Lizzie,

 Thanks for having me over today. It’s always fun being with you.

Your past career as a travel agent gave you the opportunity to see lots of places around the world that you incorporate in your work, but why did you decide to incorporate all the sex?

I swear it was not a conscious effort. I’m a free speaker, probably too much most times, and a firm believer that sex and humor are healthy aspects of our everyday lives. Those little facets of me led to writing sexually explicit romances that fling open the bedroom door. Or whatever room my characters happen to be in at the moment. Please know that only once have I researched a sexual position and that really was a lifestyle. All the sensuality is from experience or imagination. I’ll let you guess which one of those two is the most used. lol

You mention your partner Studs from time to time and refer to him as your life mate. That said, what hot celebrity has potential to help you stray if the opportunity to spend a night with him came about?

Oh my, this will either get me in tons of trouble or a hot date, if I’m lucky. Lol

Nathan Fillion is a hot devil I could…mmm.   Simon Baker has the greatest twinkling eyes… But, it has to be Liam Neeson. First saw him in High Spirits, a 1988 comedy fantasy movie with a cast of terrific actors, and I fell in love. I still think Liam Neeson is the sexiest man in movies.

 Now if you’ll excuse me, Lizzie, I think I need to go off and drool somewhere. lol


A seedling of doubt will unravel even a perfect lie.


After two ex-husbands and a con artist, Francine Daniels has had it with men. Her life is finally the way she wants it — successful and complete. At least she thinks so until a working vacation in Munich brings her face to face with a sexy German hotelier who sees right through her brash exterior and makes her sizzle with his every touch.

 Heicke Brewer enjoys his playboy image along with the collection of international beauties on his arm and in his bed. They are safer than another disastrous marriage. Until a chance encounter with a stubborn American pixie too hot not to handle threatens his hard won resolve.

As passion grows between Francine and Heicke, deception threatens to tear them apart, forcing them to fight their way through a perfect lie.


Francine slipped out the side door of the dining room when Heicke turned his back.  Less than confident, she walked alone across the silent, black golf course.  Her imagination played tricks as the tree branches swayed in the cool breeze, casting spidery images of boogie men in front of her.  She looked up at the sky, praying the clouds would clear for the moon to give off more light.

 Dammit.  Her shoe caught, yet again, in the wet grass.  The damned expensive things were being ruined with every step she took.  She wiggled her ankle, only to sink further into the mud.  The only option left was to take off the shoe. Gathering her skirt so it wouldn’t get soaked, she bent over.

A twig snapped.

“Holy shitta.”

 A hand clamped over her mouth.  Jack the Ripper, Charles Manson, and every bloodcurdling creature Stephen King ever wrote about had joined together to attack her.  She’d never been so scared, even when she had lived in her old car and been dumb enough to park it overnight at a drug house.

She jerked around, flailing her arms.  Crack.  Teetering as the heel broke off her sandal, she smacked into a solid wall of muscle.

 “Shush Pixie.  It is me, Heicke.”  He wrapped his arms around her and she choked back a sob.

 “Are you crazy?”  Her heart pumped faster than a jet engine during takeoff.  “You scared the living hell out of me.”

“It was not my intention.”  He rubbed his hand rhythmically over her back, easing out her fear.  She snuggled into him, grateful for his warmth.  A spicy scent enveloped her as he pulled his coat around her shoulders.  “You were very beautiful in the mirror and I became curious as to why you would leave without me.”

“I figured you’d get around to that eventually.  After we were, ah, driving back from the shed, I forgot all about the charity donations.”  Even to her the truth sounded stupid.

“And you thought it best to come out here alone?”  She couldn’t see his face, but his suspicious tone said it all.  “In the middle of the night?”

“What?  You thought I came out here to lay some guy?”


He tapped a gentle finger on her lips.  “No, perhaps I do not understand because of the idiosyncrasies of other languages.  At least I hope that is my problem.  Please explain about this laying of the golfers and why you did not wait for me.”

“You have a problem, all right.”  She tried to pull away, but he tightened his grip and her heart skipped a couple of beats.  “And there’s no help needed, Pup.  I’m perfectly capable of surviving on my own.”

“So I see, and may I add you are making a fine job of it.”  Lucky for him, his tone held humor. 

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Sam Cheever said...

Wow! This sounds great, Sloane! And I agree with Lizzie, the cover is gorgeous. Congratulations!

Sloane Taylor said...

Thank you, Lizzie, for the beautiful promo and great support. I definitely appreciate it.

Sloane Taylor said...

Hi Sam, glad you like the book and cover. Kelly Shorten does FABULOUS work.

Rita Monette, Writer said...

Congrats on the new book, Sloane. It is a beautiful cover.

Sloane Taylor said...

Thank you, Rita, and thanks for dropping in.:)

Patricia said...

OMG Liam Neeson is one of my favorite actors. I saw him once the Actor's Studio and he is just the consummate gentleman and so funny!

Sharon Ledwith said...

You are indeed one hot momma, Sloane! Wishing you all the best in this awesome sexy series! Cheers!

Sloane Taylor said...

Glad you agree with me, Patricia. Now, you can have Liam any four nights of the week you'd like. I prefer my time includes Tuesdays when Studs is off with his swimmers.:)

Sloane Taylor said...

Thank you, Sharon. I appreciate you, my Queen.:)

Anonymous said...

Congratualtions on Perfect Lie - Sizzling Sloane just about somes it all up.

Eleni Konstantine said...

Love your hot dates, Ms Sloane! :)