Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Musing - Can You Put the Man in RoMANce

I attended a Heart of Denver Romance Writers meeting on Saturday and the guest speaker was the delightful Reid Rosenthal.  Yes, this cowboy writes Romance and has racked up a number of awards, including #1 Bestseller, doing so.  And he contends, real men do read romances if there is also some of the things that interest in them too, like action or suspense.
Reid’s books contain romance for sure, but they also fall into cowboy and historical genres.  In addition, he encompasses the philosophy that numerous points of views, if you give each character their own personality, will not confuse the reader as to who’s on first.
He also pointed out that men like to read sex scenes from the female POV…gain a little insight into what women like in the bedroom.  Whereas, women prefer their sex from the male POV, so a mixture of the two points of view can work to an author’s advantage.
Not a fan of the typical romance genre POV that goes only with the Hero and Heroine, Reid feels a writer can offer up various points of view.  The POV can be triggered by using key words to not only let the reader know ‘the who,’ but also the type of personality the character is.
Here are his four main personality traits.  For the purpose of the workshop the focus is on the male characters.
Commander:  No Bull…, wants to be in charge.  See a lot of this especially in your Alpha males.
Connector:  Wants to be liked.  Goes out of the way to create warm fuzzies.
Enthusiast:  Loves everything and everybody. A real cheerleader.     
Thinker:  Prefers their own company to that of large social gatherings.   

Real action and real estrogen in a book is Universal Energy and that can result in readers of both sexes.  Multiple points of views can make for a richer story.
QUESTION: What type of Romance do you prefer?  The tried and true with only two points of view, or the multiple POV story.

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