Monday, August 16, 2010

I've Become Submissive!

“Never thought I’d be a submissive!

Here it is Wednesday again and my day will pretty much go as it has each middle-of-the-week day for the past month.

Right now, I’m contemplating what to wear. I know color is enjoyed, and patterns seem to be greatly appreciated, so I’ll dig through my closet to see what meets the criteria. In a couple of hours, I’ll get in my car and drive across town to my destination. There I will spend the next few hours being totally dominated, dancing to the demands of another being.

Today there will be no work accomplished, even though the current book is starting to flow. Instead, I’ll be on call to cater to another’s wants and desires. Even my trips to the bathroom will be based around their mood.

I’ve never seriously considered dominance as a lifestyle, but the fleeting thoughts I have entertained were always with me in the dominant role. I envisioned me as the strong, leather-clad mistress; whip in hand, as I directed my subject to do my desires. That’s not the case now on my regular Wednesday liaisons. My outfits are selected for color, comfort and easy to care for. Color to stimulate the eye of the beholder, comfort for me as I sit and rock while my clothes catch the flow of spew that is sure to come several times during the day and will end up in the laundry tomorrow.

You see, on Wednesdays my new mistress is a lady of high demands. But who can blame her. Though not dressed in leather, at not quite four months she has nothing better to do than demand the things that make her world comfortable and who better to submit to those demands than her grandmother. And if I am submissive enough, my reward will be one of her delightful smiles.”

Now I find myself pretty much in the same boat as two years ago when I first wrote the above piece. Wednesdays have evolved into Tuesdays, and she’s a little over two years old vs. four months, but she’s still a lady with a mind of her own. Instead of demands through screams, she tells you what she wants (most of the time) and how she wants it done…her way, of course. She still loves color and prefers to select her own outfits (some most interesting), that often garner comments when we’re out and about doing fun stuff.

Is it worth taking a day out of my week, each week to dance to her wants, whims, desires and demands? You bet! Because in between all of those are the rewards…the hugs, kisses, giggles and the “I love you,” that comes at the most unexpected moments. I don’t see where I can go wrong, even if looming deadlines force me to write faster on the days she’s not making me laugh…or pull my hair out at times. And I still get those 'delightful smiles.'



susan said...

Your Wednesdays with your grand daughter sounds so nice and I know you enjoy each second with her. To have such a demanding young lady to be demanding. ha ha susan L.

Lizzie said...

Thank you, Susan. She's now two going about 6...LOL. Very much into doing things her way, including picking out what she wears.

Now, if she'd only go with the flow on potty training!

Helen Hardt said...

What a sweet story -- cherish those times!

Mary said...

That is so sweet.

Lizzie said...

Thanks Helen & Mary. Her Mom called last night and no babysitting today. Mom had to take her to the doctor yesterday with possible UTI or bladder infection, but once the motrin kicked in and brought the temp down, she gave a performace of "I Like to Move It" for the doctor that cracked her up.