Monday, August 30, 2010

How I Came to be in Print at AMP

Given all the terrific authors at AMP, it really was a great honor to have the first two books in my DEAD series selected for their roll-out into print. You can imagine my excitement! Then a little birdie told me how it happened and now I'm not so sure. Understand it went something like this....

“Mom, do really think you should open another bottle of wine? You said you have to make a decision on which author to roll out as the first POD in AMP’s venture into print”

“Not to worry son, it’s only my second bottle. I can handle it.”

“Third.” Son rolled his eyes and shook his head in frustration. No way could he convince her of anything once his mother moved into her third bottle of wine.

“Second, third, whatever. I can handle it. After all, I run a publishing house and I’m use to a little wine in social situations.”

“Yeah, right.”

“What did you say?”

“Nothing, Mom.” Son uncorked the wine and pour a little into the glass his mother held out.

“More.” He poured a little more. “Oh for pete’s sake.”

His mother grabbed the bottle and filled her glass to the rim. Son envisioned a long night of pirate songs and disco dancing.

In an attempt to direct her focus back to the subject he asked, “What about the print book decision?”

“Got it all figure out.” She handed him a stack of cards. “Pin the top twelve around on the dart board.”

Son did as requested. “What about these others?” He held up several cards still in his hand.

“Oh just stick ‘em on the wall out of the way.”

He stuck the cards on the wall a couple of feet away from the dartboard.

“Now bring me a dart! I’m going to close my eyes and the name on the card I hit with my dart is the one that goes to print.”

Doubtful, Son did as instructed and winced at his mother having the sharp object in her hand, especially since she’d drained her wine glass and refilled again while he set things up for her.
Son positioned her toward the dartboard twice and she finally managed to stay upright facing the board.

“Okay, here goes nothing. Where ever this lands…decision made. That’s the name I go with.”

Plop. The dart hit and stuck. Son bit back a groan. “Mom, you hit the cards on the wall.”

“What the ….! Well, screw it. I did say the name of the card I hit is the one that goes to print. Read it to me son.”

Son walked over and pulled out the dart and read the name on the top card. “Looks like the winner is, Lizzie T. Leaf.”

“Oh crap.” Mom waved her empty glass. “Son, open me another bottle of wine. I’m going to need all the courage I can get for this announcement.”

Now you know the rest of the story…

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Dominique Eastwick said...

****Snort**** LOL great blog and we all know it didn't take quite that much wine LOL... I am soo excited for you :) Go girl.

Lizzie said...

So, maybe I exaggerated a little on the wine!

Lisa Pietsch said...

The Universe works in mysterious (and comical) ways but it works as it should. Great story!

Lizzie said...

Thanks Lisa...I confess to a twisted mind...(g)