Wednesday, July 29, 2015

WednesdayTravel, etc. - A Birthday to Remember #travel #Gunniness #cruise


This year celebrated my birthday in one of the best ways ever. Most years there is a family get together to mark the occasion and friends may call and set up coffee or lunch, but mostly a quiet day doing what I need to do like any other day.
Not this time! The cruise my husband planned over a year ago also included my birthday, so the actual date found us in Dublin. When we were looking at things to do in Dublin’s Fair City, though it wasn’t fair that day, and he wanted to go to Guinness Brewery and that was fine with me. I enjoy a good pint.
The day started off on the ship and with a surprise from the cabin staff.

What I saw when we walked into our cabin after breakfast!

Then I saw this.
Husband insisted on taking a picture.

After lunch we headed off on our adventure to Guinness via a ship excursion. Interesting tour and our guide was fun. After the tour we ended up at the top lounge for our free pint. The young man pouring our pints offered to take a picture and I commented we definitely needed a birthday picture to share with the family. He wanted to know if it really was my birthday and did I have ID. Showed him my driver's license and that led to another free pint. We continued to talk with him while drinking our brews and once the free one was finished he offered another on him. By that point, pounding a couple of pints so quickly due to our time schedule, I felt a little tipsy and declined. What a shame!
Hoisting a pint on my birthday at the source with the delightful Sergueri! Don't you love the no makeup look I'm sporting!

Windjo and I with the flower.

Back on the ship, dinner produced a birthday cake with the crew staff and a lot of our fellow passengers signing me Happy Birthday. After dinner we did our usual stop in the lounge outside the dinning room and the server came over before we left and presented me with a paper flower he had made with a paper towel and a straw.
                                   And a BIG thank you to my honey for making this birthday so special!

And that's it for the best birthday yet!

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Sloane Taylor said...

Best way to spend a birthday! Free beer and good looking men.:) Glad you had a great day.

Marci Boudreaux said...

I want to spend my birthday like that! Hope you had a good day!

Sharon Ledwith said...

Well, I sure hope you had a pint for your Wenchy friends! LOL! Wishing you many years of health, happiness, and wealth, my friend. Tipples to you! Cheers!

Lizzie said...

Definitely, Sloane! Thank you. A fun time!

Lizzie said...

For sure, Marci...we'll have to work on that. Yes, had a grand day!

Lizzie said...

Of course I did Sharon!

Vonnie said...

The best possible birthday, you lucky girl!

Kathy M said...

What a nice surprise. Sometimes it is good to admit it's your birthday. :-)

Lizzie said...

I agree, Vonnie!

Lizzie said...

True, Kathy. But haven't been carded since the last time I asked for a senior ticket a couple of years ago and the kid wanted to see my ID...LOL

Patricia Nichols said...

Glad you had a wonderful birthday sweet lady! all the good looking men did not hurt either!!

Patricia Nichols said...

Glad you had a wonderful birthday sweet lady! all the good looking men did not hurt either!!