Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday Update: New Things Coming and Drawing Closing #contest #changes

I discovered the July cruise/trip was much needed. The schedule was hectic with no sea days, but there were a number of excursions with long bus rides and time to think and I did a lot of that.
Arriving home to broken air conditioning and 90+ temperatures has been no fun, but in spite of all that, I feel better than have in months. Come to think of it, more like over a year. My mind has cleared and decisions have been made on what to do work-wise.

There will be books in new genres. And the almost concluded rework of a previously published series novella will sent off for edits next week. I would say this week, but edits for the re-release of DEAD Awake with a new publisher are arriving today or tomorrow.

Today, I’m heading to a coffee shop to concentrate on setting the work schedule and deadlines for the rest of this year and into 2016. This will include book writing time, research time and social media time.
In addition, I will look at events around releases (of which there will be at least two before the holidays) prize drawings and blog ideas. Yes, those entered the wee brain on the trip too!

So here is to a productive rest of the year for me and I hope for you too!
July is almost over and so is the entry time for the $20 Amazon Gift Certificate! Comment on the Monday and Wednesday blogs during the month to enter!!!! Winner announced next Monday. Remember you must be a Follower on this blog to enter!


Kathy M said...

Don't forget to add the coffee 'meetings' that are so important to the whole process. It's social, too. :-)

Kathy M said...
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Patricia Nichols said...

You amaze me Lizzie, just reading this made me tried and in need of a nap!!