Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Musings - Valentine Fun Coming Up~

Here it is almost the end of January and the month of LOVE looms ahead of us.  To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we’re going to kick off February 1st with 14 Days of Love with guests discussing their first love, first kiss, etc. and a drawing from the comments that day for a prize.  So, make sure you leave your comment or share your “first” each day to get your name in daily drawing.  The more you comment, the better your chances of winning!!!

Discussing the contest idea with a friend of mine brought back memories of my first boyfriend.  As I’ve said before, me as a child and teen was a different person…shy, introverted and the last thing in the world I wanted was to be noticed.  That said, you can imagine my humiliation the Valentine's day I walked into 9th grade homeroom to find a box of candy and a card on my desk.  There had to have been a mistake, but the card bore my name so I tentatively opened it.  The note was lovely, talking about how much he liked me and hoped I’d be his girlfriend.
I looked across the room to find him watching my reaction and I think I attempted to smile, even though I wanted to the floor to open up and swallow me.  The need to disappear became more desperate when I noticed the rest of the class watching.  My response, slink down in my chair and pray for that cloak of invisibility.
When homeroom ended my admirer came over and I mumbled a thank you and like a scared rabbit scurried away.  After a week or so of trying to carry my books, attempting to have a conversation with a ‘chicken shit’ too timid to hold up her end…yes, I was a total geek,  he moved on to a girl willing to hold hands while he carried her books.
Needless to say, my high school weekends weren’t packed with dates.  And the first boyfriend attempt…well, he may have only been JV second string on the football team the year he had the misfortune to lay his heart on the line for me, but he evolved in to first string in high school and a major stud, with a lot of the girls falling all over him.  As for him…he stayed loyal to the girl he ‘liked’ after me.  In fact, I think they later married.
So there you have it…my pitiful first love connection, or lack thereof!  Thankfully, things did improve as I matured and I survived two childbirths as evidence.
What about you?  Did your first dive into the world of love result in a big blunder like mine, or was it all smooth sailing.  Did you flounder or flit like a bee from one relationship to the next?


Shonna said...

Oh my!!!! Memories that none of us ever forget. So young and tenderhearted. Such a long time ago, yet when I think about it,.... in my mind it could have been yesterday.

Lisa Fender said...

My first kiss was in first grade. His name was Billy and he had sandy blonde hair and soft freckles on his face, with big blue eyes. He was so cute and from that point on I was boy crazy, but always shy the first time I would meet face to face with a boy I would like! What great times and memories!

Lizzie said...

LOL, thanks for sharing Lisa.

Know what you mean about it seems like yesterday, Shonna!