Monday, January 23, 2012

Goals and Accountability!

As you know from last week’s post I’ve been in a down period, but I’m back on track and want to share some of my goals for this year.  This way I have a support system to hold my toes to the fire and keep me inspired.
First on my list:  The revisions and additions my editor wants on Emerging Magic.  Madly working on those and goal…have them to her by the first full week of February.
Second:  Revisions on Struck by Lightning, the award winning novel that I have my rights back on.  New title (probably Nordic Thunder) and a new cover, as well as added word count.  Deleting all references to the former series it was in at a publishing house that went bankrupt.  Objective, have it re-edited and self-publish as an ebook by end of March.
Third:  Decide where I want to place the books on which the rights reverted back due to the publisher’s website closure.  Will probably sign contracts with a couple of different publishers on several and self-publish others (after new edits and covers).
Fourth:  Finish the 3rd book in the Magical Love series by August (sooner would be lovely) and get it to my editor.  That would make for the possibility of 2 books in the series released this year!!
Fifth:  This is where the pressure comes in…write novellas or novels in 3 new (for me) genres.  These will have different names to avoid confusion for readers of Lizzie’s books.  In addition, they will require new websites and the promotions that will go with being new to those readers.
Yes, this feels like a lot when I read it, but it is doable…especially if I have people helping me stay focused.  So feel free to ask as the year progresses, “How are those goals coming?”
And that leads to a question for you.  What are your goals for 2012?  Does it work better for you to set one goal at a time or to have several you’re striving for over a period of time?

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