Thursday, January 5, 2012

15 Days of Christmas Winners List!

Here's a list of the winners from the 15 Days of Christmas.  If you're listed and have not heard from the author please contact them.  Some of you didn't leave emails.

Also, I need each of you to email me at lizzietleaf(at)comcast(dot)net with your snail mail info for the Brit Trinket that I picked up on my trip.

Threw all your names in a bowl and pulled out The GRAND PRIZE Winner:
Helen Hardt
Congratulations, Helen.  Lucky lady!!!  We'll connect to get you your box of tea brought back from London.

Daily Winners:

Day 1, Desiree Holt's winner is CONNIE KLINE

Day 2, Linda Wisdom's winner is JEAN P.

Day 3, Rebecca Grace's winner is CONNIE KLINE

Day 4, Sam Cheever's winner is JOANNE R.

Day 5, Helen Hardt's winner is ARLEY COLE (ebook)
                                                   AMY DENIM (20 pages of edits)

Day 6, Jeanne Stein's winner is HELEN HARDT

Day 7, ML Guiday's winner is SHONNA
           Cori Corsentions's winner is LISA FENDER
           Hillary Seidl's winner is CHRISTY

Day 8, Christina Jame's winner is J. Barret

Day 9, Lizzie T. Leaf's winner is BOOKS4ME67

Day 10, Shelley Munro's winner is JENNIFER MATHIS

Day 11, J.L. Langley's winner is DEBBY236

Day 12, Sandra Sookoo's winner is CARRIE ANN RYAN

Day 13, Lia Slater's winner is SHONNA

Day 14, Melissa Mayhue's winner is JENNIFER MATHIS

Day 15, Jessica Aspen's winner is SHADOW KOHLER

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