Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Recap of Sunday's Fun

Today's guest ran into a time problem and I can understand how life can get in the way. I miss a few of my own Monday blogs for that very reason and since this week was a 'missed Monday' because I ended up sick, thought I'd use today.
Sunday was my first ever book launch party to celebrate the print release of Beyond Magic. Anxious that no one would show, I plunged forward and so glad I did. Thank you to all the friends, family and a few people I didn't know who showed up! Lots of laughter and eating, plus all of the books from the original box sold and another had to be opened.
A number who sent RSVPs didn't make it, but heard from some later and various things happened in their world. It was great to have them ask 'When and where is your next signing" and just that question gives me hope for the future ones set and I'm in the process of setting.
Bottom line...would I do another party like this again? Not for every book release because the time invested in preparing leads takes away from writing. But for a new series or the first book of a new genre (I'm working on one now), then yes. It is a fun experience and well worth the energy and dollars invested.

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