Monday, February 14, 2011

5 Ridiculous Valentines Day Gifts that I Don't Want!

Found these on The Newsfeed site. Really makes ones heart rate increase with delight at the thought of finding one of these waiting for you Valentines Day! Thought I'd share a few for grins or on some gross outs!

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Toilet For Two
Presenting the TwoDaLoo ($14,000), for the couple that likes to do everything together. There's no reason that valuable minutes spent on the toilet need to be spent apart. Simultaneously get rid of the bathroom wait while staring longingly into your love birds' eyes. Bonus: it saves the environment with just one flush of water! ....ewwww!

Cupcake From The Heart
For the Valentine that likes everything as straightforward as possible. This edible bleeding heart ($11.24) is scarily realistic, made of red velvet sponge cake, cream cheese frosting, and black current and cherry "blood." This will show your love the true source of your feelings. Bonus: you can relive high school biology dissection labs as you eat this pastry organ! ....just what I don't want!

Love Wipes
This romantic toilet paper ($14.99) reads, "I love you from top to bottom." With this hefty price tag, this roll's not ideal for teepeeing, yet adds an element of luxury to every bathroom. Bonus: it's functional and poetic. know the commercial where the wife is throwing TP to the husband who yell's we're out...wouldn't need to be out to get this one thrown at him!

Chocolate Smart Car
If all your special someone says he or she wants for Valentine's this year is chocolate, get him or her chocolate like no one's seen before: in car form. Mercedes-Benz released this chocolate themed smart car ($28,902) in Japan. Bonus: you can actually drive the car. Has any box of chocolates ever done that before? ....wonder if you can only drive it on cold days? Otherwise you might incur a true meltdown.

Dog That Gets Busy
Worried that your Valentine forgets about your personal life during the work day? This humping dog USB drive ($9.99) will remind your special someone of the fun you have when you're together. Bonus: this dog stores your files! ...hmmm

Instead of wasting your money on this stuff, about a trip to the Caribbean? I won't melt like that chocolate car!


Abigail-Madison Chase said...

That bleeding heart is umm, well, wow, realistic! Nothing left to say about that toliet either! LOL

Happy Valentines....

Lizzie said...

Yuk! That was the first thought that crossed my mind when I saw it Abigail. Then gross....LOL

Hope you had a funtastic Valentines!