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Jenika Snow Asks an Interesting Question of Readers

Today, our guest is Jenika Snow, multi-talented author and one busy lady! Thank you for spending time with us today, Jenika and for the most interesting question you pose in your blog. Readers, please share your thoughts on her question!

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Jenika is just your average woman. She lives in the too hot northeast with her husband and their young daughter. Thankfully, he shares her unusual sense of humor and naughty nature so finding material for her stories isn't a problem.

Along with taking care of their daughter, they have to keep an eye on Milo and Otis, their spunky cats. When not writing, Jenika works full-time and attends school. Writing is Jenika's number one passion, but since life gets in the way, she isn't able to write full-time (at least not yet.)

Jenika writes erotic paranormal, contemporary, BDSM and sci-fi romances. Her publishing houses are Siren-Bookstrand, Total-E-Bound and Passion in Print, and Evernight publishing.
Jenika started writing at a very young age. Her first story consisted of a young girl who traveled to an exotic island and found a magical doll. That story as long since disappeared, but her passion for writing has stayed strong.

Jenika loves to hear from readers, and encourages them to contact her and give their feedback.

Is forced/coerced seduction too much like rape?

I have recently noticed stories that take on the scene of forced/coerced seduction. There is of course is no actual rape happening in these stories, in my opinion, not in the sense that I classify as actual rape. The heroine may be dominated and forced to submit to the male, but her body betrays her true feelings and her mind is at war with what she feels is right and wrong. The idea that this taboo situation makes her excited and aroused does not deter from the fact that guilt for feeling these things may be too much mentally.

This who notion of forcing the heroine to fully submit in the most elemental of ways fascinated me, not in the grotesque sense that forcing oneself on another is to be praised, but that if someone is put in just the right situation, where their choice is taken from them and they have to see what they could experience, that, in my opinion, is something that seems truly erotic in every sense.

I thought about how this might go over with readers, if I were to write something like this, something that showcased what a woman could feel when her choice is removed, when she is forced to understand that to submit she is fully giving up her freewill and letting herself fully understand what it means to be possessed in the most basic of instances.

I started writing the story, with the intent to see if this was a topic I could create. I have read enough that the idea is not foreign to me, but still, it isn’t a genre I have delved into. I asked my husband what he thought about the scene I was creating, about having someone’s will taken away to where they could only feel. He said it was too much like rape, too much like someone is being forced to do something they may not necessarily want to do.

While this may be true in a sense, I personally don’t see it that way. There is no violence, no pain, well, not in the sense that the two participating people don’t get pleasure from. Although this may be a darker subject matter, I think inside of all of us there is a little piece that longs to understand what it means to give up your choice, willpower, and what you can feel sexually.

My question to all of you is how do you feel about the forced/coerced storyline? Is it too much like rape or does it indeed awaken a small part of you that wants to touch what is forbidden?

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Jenika Snow said...

Thank you for having me today, Lizzie!

anny cook said...

It's too much like rape unless the woman has VERBALLY given her permission prior to the scene.

I'm sorry. I understand where you're going with it, but rape is not only physical. I am very uncomfortable with forced seduction scenes.

Jenika Snow said...

Hi Anny! Thanks for your input. I totally see where you are coming from. I too agree that rape is not only physical, but also mental. Of course I think in any forced seduction story the female should definitely give her consent.

Thanks again for your comment!

Julie Lynn Hayes said...

I think it's totally a mindset thing. It reminds me of the non-con debate in yaoi manga, where the seme takes the uke without his permission, because he knows deep down that the uke wants it. It's a touchy area, admittedly, but in the context of a book, I don't mind because they're fictional characters, after all, and no harm is being done. In real life, it wouldn't fly, of course, but this isn't real life. And it can be very seductive if done correctly.

DL Thomas said...

My opinion is that so long as consent is given it is okay. This is fiction. Without consent it would boarder to closely on rape and that would hit to close to home for some women.

I think the books should state what kind of erotic sex is taking place within the pages, so anyone who doesn't want to read that kind would know before hand.

Jenika Snow said...

Hi Julie! I do think that being a fictional book might make the story a little more acceptable, to an extent. True, these are not real people, just characters, and I do agree that as long as consent is given all should be okay, but I do think a line should be drawn if coherence is a little too much like force.

Hi DL. I agree with the consent portion. I totally agree with the reader being fully aware that there may be forced/cohered seduction within the pages of the story they are about to read, if not it is misleading and could adamantly offend a person. This type of situation is very touchy.

Pat said...

It is too much like rape as they are tricking her body and it doesn't feel right and is ashamed of what happen

Gabrielle Lee said...

If the story is well written and consent is given at some point it is ok. There is a big difference in rape and forced seduction stories in my opinion if the author understands this and can write a good story than it can be an enjoyable read.


Jenika Snow said...

Thank you for the comments Pat and Gabrielle. I do agree consent is a must!

heidi330 said...

As long as both parties consent and understand what is happening that I don't have a problem reading about it.
But I do feel there is a difference. Telling your mate/spouse no you don't want to mess around and he just grabs you and takes it in a fun way not brutal would be consented but when" no means no " but they still do it that's a different act. That not consented....

*yadkny* said...

Hi Jenika!
I've actually read a couple of books not too long ago (one as of last week) where the storyline was either toeing the line of forced/coerced or they just plain out crossed it. The one I read last week left me with mixed feelings because of the storyline the heroine felt that she really had no choice but to get in bed with this guy because the lives of others were at stake and she was the only one who could do anything about it. Her body told her it felt good but her mind told her it was wrong and she became really upset afterwards like she had been raped and just let it happen. The author played it out really well and it really got me thinking about this particular topic. It definitely captured my interest and I wondered if I would do the same in the situation as the heroine.

Jenika Snow said...

Thanks for the comments Heidi and Yadkny!

Pommawolf said...

I think it comes down to an individuals mental maturity, and their sexual maturity and experience level. Everyone's sexual experience is personal, and their willingness to abandon boundries for the experience. People are different, and where I may not see anything wrong in instilling trust another person may see it entirely different.
Thank you for the chance to offer my thought, and a chance for one of you books...*S*

Word_Wench said...

Forced seduction to me isn't like rape - the key word for me there is seduction. Being urged and encouraged can be powerful and erotic; it can take you to another dimension of ecstasy, a whole different level and much more intense.

I know that this is a touchy subject and I have one in one of my wips which actually turns brutal but I sort of get away with it because its fantasy with immortals, etc. It does have to be carefully done.

I don't like violence to be used as a rule. A scenario such as the heroine likes the guy, maybe plays up to him for months, flirts with him regularly in a club, has fantasies over him, despite knowing she cannot be with him (for whatever reason)... then one day he makes all that reality, by forcing the seduction that she secretly wants, making her realize parts of herself she never knew - great!
Long post I know :) I have been at the bad end of this kind of thing and also the good end and honestly? I have never been able to enjoy proper force that wasn't wanted and so wouldn't really be taken in by a story that told as such but if she knew him and was attracted to him? And as you say no pain/violence... Yeah sure, would definitely awaken a part of me - would be hot!

candygirl said...

I must say as long as no one is harmed or abused then it would be very erotic. I have often wondered what it would be like to be with a Dom, but i have never been with one. I almost had the chance to meet one so he said, but there was something not right about him so i never met up with him. I had a bad gut feeling about him & was afraid. I think you would have to know for sure that in no way is he going to harm you. Of course, things that are forbidden will always be tempting.

She said...

I recently read a story where there was forced seduction and it was very erotic. The female character was just being to explore the side of herself where she was dominated. The man was a fighter who liked his sex rough but not to the point where anyone was emotionally or physically hurt. He was very careful of her and made sure she had a safe word and would use it when the scene got too much for her. It was hot! As a reader I feel that forces seduction is not rape as long as the rules are laid out and followed by both participants with safe words and consent.

Jenika Snow said...

Thank you for your comments!