Monday, April 13, 2015

Would You do a Childbirth Reality Show? #realityshow #inthewild

Watched a few minutes of the Meredith Vieira show this morning where they discussed a reality show based on childbirth in the wild. Yikes! Can you imagine a couple dropped in the middle of nowhere to have baby the caveman way?

Forget the misery of the first few months, though some breeze through those issues, delivery of the bundle of joy you've carried inside your body is a new experience.

Having given birth to two children there is NO way in hell you'd see my signature on the dotted line for this show. Said childbirths taught me a big never know how things will go. Just because the first push-out went smoothly (and with drugs) doesn't mean the same can be said for the second time around.

The first delivery, in a hospital after three days of labor, had the benefit for me of an epidural. The birth itself went well too.

The second, also in a hospital, but not so smoothly. In fact, if I had not been in the hospital we may have lost the child, and things happened so quickly because of the issues, forget an epidural. Yeah, didn't find au natural to be a lot of fun, but then I'm not into pain.  Guess that means I can kiss any thoughts of a BDSM dungeon goodbye.

From my experience, and the experience of others whom I talked with over the years who had issues, the idea of going off into the wild to spend the last days of your pregnancy and experience the birth makes me wonder why? In today's world does it make sense for someone to intentionally put themselves in a position to cause danger to them, the baby, or both? Sure, there is all the wonderful crew lurking around (yep, they do that on those reality shows) and probably will have a doctor, physician assist, or at very least a nurse, but what if? What if complications happen where there is need of a hospital? What if that emergency helicopter on standby can't make it in because of the weather. What if the baby or mother dies? Can you say "lawsuit" no matter how many papers have been signed?

So, my questions to you. Is this a reality show you would sign up to be on? Or if it does come to be, would you watch it?

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