Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Travel Wednesday - Beast Arrangements Made!

Yes, I'm doing it again this summer...TRAVELING! Reality is, if we had the budget we'd be traveling a lot more than now. But, that's not the case so have to plan events and with the budget planning also comes the Beast planning. The question becomes, who is going to move in for 2 or 3 weeks and take care of BEAST, as well as housesit?

Thought this year would be a local friend who would be in-between packing up her current adobe, hanging here a few weeks, and then making the move out of state. Guess what? Things changed...she got a job offer and is moving earlier than planned, and to a different state than she originally thought too.

So where does that leave us and Beast? Why with his favorite human...BIL. Yep, had to turn to the brother-in-law again this year. Last summer went so well (not) that when he walks through the door the day before we leave, I'm sure cat will let us know how unhappy he is over the houseguest. Tough! The way I see it, when he starts paying for all that cat food, kitty litter, toys, etc., plus cleaning the litter pan and dishing out the demand food in his dish, the four-legged creature can complain.

Don't get me wrong here. BIL does not abuse him, he just doesn't cater to his every desire. Seems I forgot the minor detail (okay, major in the cat's world) of telling brother-in-law that laundry is essential in this household. Not so much for clean clothes the humans wear, but for the warm ones that come out of the dryer. Those

Excuse me, napping here!
need to be piled on the bed so you-know-who can curl up in the middle of them for a nap.  Nope, BIL couldn't understand why said cat kept howling in front of the laundry room until he got chased away. Totally, my bad. Especially since internet on last year's cruise wasn't the world's best and he couldn't reach to ask what's the deal. Actually, it sucked.

Then add in BIL's reluctance to feed the Beast tastes of what he was having. That one he can blame on his brother who takes delight in seeing what a cat will eat.  Nor is BIL into cat toss and fetch the his brother is.

But, all the unhappiness of not having his every whelm met makes our adorable cat happy to see us after we return.

Oh, and another thing...there will be a contest centered around this summer's fun!!! Stay tuned for details!!!



Sharon Ledwith said...

Oh, I so feel your pain! We have to put our yellow fellow in the kennel, and Ms. Bossy boots gets to stay home alone while the neighbor comes to feed her. And that's just over a couple of nights! Haven't gone on any long trips yet. Thank goodness for your BIL!

Vonnie said...

Hope you have a great time Lizzie. And yes, if you have critters, planning for a vacation has nothing to do with packing your own clothes and more to do with "what will the cat think?" or "what if the dog gets sick?"

Lizzie said...

Isn't it wild how or animals rule our lives...the things we do for love, even when it's for a 4 legged friend!

Anne said...

I wouldn't say runs my life but if I'm not up by 7 a.m. my oldest (the ringleader of my three cats) meows and walks over me until I get up and open the magic can even if the kibble bowl is overflowing. He also gets really affectionate and gives me the big, round kitten (he's 9) "eyes" until I give them their evening treats.

They hide when my pet sitter (my sister)comes over. She does the bare minimum too even though I know she caters to her cats. It just makes them appreciate me more.

Lizzie said...

LOL...hear you Anne. This morning we need to have an alarm. I laid in bed for a few minutes after husband got off and Beast almost had a stroke. He howled, jumped around on the bed, pulled my hair and such until I got up.

I'm sure BIL shuts the door to the guest room at night (he better since that is a cat free zone because of granddarling allergies) and ignores any noises coming from the other side.

But, we still love our four legged 'babies' because life would be boring without them.