Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Commericals I HATE!

We are slammed with commercials. In fact, the cable channels are even worse than regular programming since there's last FOREVER, or at least it feels that way when you are wanting to get back to your show. But, that irritation aside, the ones I hate the most at the moment are these two.

1. Political ads. Hello, we aren't in the middle of elections and I don't need to see some blonde chick proclaiming how much she hates POLITICAL ADS then goes on to make a political ad! If you hate them so much, Darlink, why the hell are you doing the ad? Oh yeah, that's right...you're actress getting paid to read lines!

2. At the Beach! This was almost #1 until the political crap started, and is still a strong contender. If I were into tanning salons, guess where I wouldn't go!

Not to worry, Donna. Won't buy, won't wear!!!!

But in thinking about it, maybe I'm missing a lot of bad commercials with my habit of tuning them out these days.  So help me out!  What commercial do you hate the most?


Sharon Ledwith said...

Political ads do top my list, plus all those beer ads with hot and slim men and women that looked like they stepped off the CW network. Um...yeah. Not reality. Cheers, Lizzie!

Unknown said...

I watch everything on my DVR and fast forward through all the commercials. Since I never watch them, they don't get on my nerves. LOL! Yeah, I hate all commercials. I have way more important things to do with my time than sit through someone trying to sell me on something.

Sloane Taylor said...

This is why I adore PBS, except during their pledge drive, NO commercials!

Sam Cheever said...

Low testosterone ads. They're rampant!!! I don't really want to hear about some guy's peepee problems. Is nothing private anymore? Ugh!