Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday Travels - Dr. Who and Beyond!

The trip grows closer and our excitement increases.  The brother-in-law is ready to housesit and that should prove interesting—he is not a cat person.  But he says he can handle the Beast for a while.  One BIL realizes who controls this house, things should go smoothly.

We get to spend a few nights in London (one of our favorite cities), then down to the port for the cruise.  Received a call from the cruise line last week inviting us on a free excursion in Reykjavik—free works really well so I said yes!  As luck would have it, this was one of the ports of call we hadn’t made a decision on an excursion.

Double excited we get to end the trip with more time in London after the cruise!

I'm going here for ME!
For now, we’re working out what to do in London…the list is long and has to be trimmed down.  What to delete, what to delete.  I know the Dr. Who shop will stay.  Promised the teen granddarlings we’d do there and take a Sherlock walking tour.  The things one does for kids, even when traveling!
Sonic screwdriver - Hmmm? I wonder...


Wonder if the granddarlings would like a Tardis Mug?



Holley Trent said...

Heck yeah, free!

What great luck. The last thing "free" I got on a vacation was a tin of crackers delivered to my stateroom. :-|

Have a great time!

Sharon Ledwith said...

Hmmm...if they can make a Tardis mug, surely they could create an Arch of Atlantis cookie jar? Just a thought! Enjoy yourself as you get to scope out all that is elementary and time travel, Lizzie! Cheers!

Vonnie said...

Oh you lucky lucky lucky girl. As a Regency writer I'm totally hung up on where you're going. Enjoy! Hope you get the basket of fruit in your stateroom stuff as well.

Sloane Taylor said...

The Sherlock Holmes Pub is a little hokey but still fun. And the beer is great! You'll have fun.

Lizzie said...

Thanks, all. I'm sure this trip will be fun.

And Sloane...hokey is my middle name...did ya fergit?

Anne said...

I like the mug, but not to drink out of, I see dribbles in your future drinking from a square vessel. I'd use it for pencils or change/small bits and pieces (so you could use the lid).

When I went to London, we did lots of those fun walking tours. I recommend them. Guidebooks aren't as good as an enthusiastic person.