Friday, April 20, 2012

Book Friday...Sam Cheever's Latest!

Sam Cheever has given us another book in the Dancin’ With the Devil series through Ellora’s Cave, and as usual she delivers with a fun spicy read.  Here’s a blurb and a short excerpt to whet you appetite.   

The Devil You Want (Dancin' With the Devil, Book 5)
Astra Q Phelps gave her boyfriend a magic hickey. Usually not a world-changing issue. But in Astra’s case, her boyfriend is king of the Royal Devils. And Royals have always thought that only males could mark their mates. So how did she do it? Even Astra doesn’t know. That’s the first of her problems.
Now somebody’s trying to kill the naturally curious Astra, which is always a problem.
Thirdly, there’s Slayer. He’s shown up on Astra’s turf and wants her to hire him. Given their undeniable sexual chemistry, that’s probably not going to go over well with her boyfriend. Not to mention that he’s got some baggage that’s gonna come back to bite Astra big time.
Add in the nearly constant sexual need caused by her Settling and you have a whole lot of stuff for Astra Q Phelps to handle. But, as you probably know by now, she’s definitely up to the challenge. 

Fever boiled beneath the surface of my skin. My body thrummed with need. The adrenaline rush from fighting the dragon…and maybe a little bit the close proximity to Slayer…had fired my Settling to a near violent state.
As soon as we deposited the family of greens on Olympus, I popped away, stepping out of my space shift inside a well-appointed, lushly carpeted hallway. I strode quickly toward the golden doors at the end of the hall, ignoring the surprised, red faces and beady gazes of Dialle’s guards.
As I approached, I lifted a hand and threw the doors open before me, barely slowing to acknowledge the guards’ attempts to stop me.
They were half-hearted attempts anyway. The guards were terrified of me since I put the pretty, little tear-shaped mark on their boss’s neck.
Dialle turned in surprise as I strode into the room, along with several hundred dark-world types who had gathered there for an audience with the newly crowned King of the Royal devils.
The special guards flanking his throne stepped in front of him, closing him off from view. Without even thinking, I flicked my fingers toward those guards and sent them flying. My steps barely faltered as Dialle’s loyal soldiers smacked hard against the wall behind the throne.
Dialle stood, his impossibly handsome face dark with anger. “Astra!”
I didn’t stop until I stood inches away, only a shallow platform separating him from me as I reached for him, touching his hickey with the tip of my finger. His face went pale. He reached up and clasped my wrist but didn’t wrench my finger from his throat. I need you now.
This isn’t a good time…
I don’t care.
You see, the thing about my Settling is that it isn’t just a sexual thing. The struggle a Tweener deals with at age twenty-five, when her Settling sets in, is with the dark and light sides of her nature. Right at that moment my dark nature had bitch slapped my light into submission and my devil had come out in a big way.
I’ll take you right here.
For the first time, the hint of a smile curved Dialle’s lips. You wouldn’t dare.

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