Monday, January 11, 2010

An Eeyore kind of day!

I came across several booklets from a Dale Carnegie course the bank I worked for a number of years ago had their employees attend. The main focus of the course was live enthusiastically, or at least that’s what I remember the most. Yeah, there were other subjects covered, like speaking more effectively, how to have meetings with quicker and better results and remembering names. The last one didn’t take too well with me since some days I do well to remember my own name. Maybe its because I have so many…you think?

Anyway, I do remember the live enthusiastically part of the class, possibly because that was something I needed to hear frequently. Growing in an environment that made Eeyore seem positive, I strived to do the opposite in my day to day life. There were times when it was down right hard to focus on that ‘half full vs. the half empty glass.’ The conditioning of childhood got in my way a lot.

But Dale helped me to realize I was on the right track with my efforts to want to get the most out of life instead of rolling over to play dead and I still continue to work for that goal.

There are days, when for no apparent reason, I’m in the dumps. All the self doubts instilled from prior times sneak in and start their “what makes you think you can do that” or “why don’t you just give up?”

So today, I’m in a battle with self-doubt and determined to win. Life is short and I need to regain that enthusiasm that makes it fun and live the dreams, not just exist.

What are you facing the day? Bubbling with enthusiasm or fighting the battle of the ‘blahs’ and self-doubt?



Helen Hardt said...

Seems like I've been fighting the "blahs" for a while regarding writing. I need to buck and up and get some words written! It always feels better to get something done ;).

Lizzie said...

So true, Helen. Maybe it's just that time of year...the after holidays let down or something.