Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Number 9 on the Top 10 List

Number 9 – Tibet

My pictures from the trip need to be copied to a CD so I chose a couple from the internet.
Flying into the airport in Tibet gives you a great understanding why flights get canceled when weather isn’t optimum. The Lhasa international airport is one of the highest in the world and surrounded by mountains.
Driving along the road into Lhasa, gave our group a glimpse of everyday life. Women were washing clothes in the river, a yak carrying bundles for its owner, children playing along the river banks.
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The visit to Potala Palace moved me, once I recovered from the very steep climb to the top. The inside showed a lack of care and sad to see. A couple of areas appeared to be under renovation, but a lot more rooms needed attention. Hopefully, the Chinese government has realized the tourist draw of this Buddhist temple, as well as a number of others visited on the trip, and worked to save them.
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The ‘me’ now would love to go again. As much as I enjoyed the trip, a return visit would have a greater sense of appreciation of the culture, the people and experience overall.

Where in the world have you gone where a return trip would be viewed through different eyes?



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