Monday, September 1, 2014

Kindness Beats Bullying

Did you watch the Emmy's last Monday? If so, you probably saw Aaron Paul's shout out to his wife and her Kindness campaign. A lot of people did. In fact, so many saw it and went over to take a look they crashed the site.

I have check it out, though not that night, and signed up. Kindness is something this world can use in SPADES!

But this has taken me down memory lane. When I was in school, what is now called bullying was referred to as teasing. And no, we weren't writing on stone back then. Things had advanced to paper, but I digress.

My family wasn't rich. In fact, that's an understatement. They were downright poor. My idea of a pretty dress was going to the feed store with my uncle when he bought sacks of feed for the farm animals and picking out one or two that would be used by my aunt to make me a new dress.

When I started school guess what I wore. Yes, there were a few other children in the same styles, but we were the ones teased. In my case, I had a funny last name. My maiden name was foreign in the area of the south where I grew up. Add in the funny clothes, crooked teeth, and height that had me taller than my classmates, there were lots of taunts thrown my way. Is it any surprise I loved homework because it took me out of the classroom to my room where I didn't have to listen to the whispers or loud jeers about my looks or clothing?

But I learned through the years to stand up for myself and FOR OTHERS! 

My question for you: Have you been bullied either in school or at the work place?

Also check out the Kind campaign website:

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Vonnie said...

Good to see you blogging again (says she who hardly ever blogs). Yes, bullying. At the primary school level by one particular girl. The others stood back and looked awkward. Went on for about two years. (I was the daughter of a teacher on the school staff). Not really sure why - didn't mix in her circles.

Once again twelve years later when I was a volunteer in the mental ward of a public hospital. A young woman came out swinging every time she saw me. Could not of course retaliate so had to use words. She had her issues and maybe I represented authority. Who knows? Poetry and music were definitely not her scene! Worked for some of the others though.

You know, I think EVERYONE has been bullied at some stage.

Lizzie said...

Thank you, Vonnie. It's good to be back in the grove.

It is hard to understand or explain why people bully. Maybe for the most part it's because they feel inferior.

My granddaughter and I wrote a book about a flamingo who was bullied because he was different. Turns out the bully wanted to divert attention away from his flaw.

Could be a lot of present day bullies are trying to do the same thing.

Sharon Ledwith said...

Wonderful post, Ms. Lizzie! I've said it before and I'll say it again - kindness matters. Always. It's not just good for your soul, it's good for humanity. Hugs for a stellar post. And...welcome back, gorgeous!

Sara Daniel said...

I agree with Vonnie. Everyone has probably been bullied to some degree at some point. We focus on our hurt, and don't see what's going on inside the other person that causes them to lash out. Not that bullying behavior has an excuse or should be excused. Kindness matters -- I love that, Sharon. It's so true.

Mav S.Farhan said...

Nice post.. :)

Honestly am not really sure if I have ever been bullied or not.. I have been made fun of for my dressing, given names and weird quirks at a time during school and univ days but serious bullying.. Mmmmm.. Don't think so..

Am pretty absent-minded and do not really take much notice of my surroundings mostly unless I have to so it is also possible I may have ignored it nor not noticed it to focus on it..

I did see some serious bullying of some of class fellows.. I found one of them on facebook after almost 10years and he said you were one of the nicest people to me during school life which made it bearable (and we were not even good friends).. Very flattering and makes me think 1 Kind deed does beat bullying..

Anonymous said...

Hey Lizzie - well done for the blog. A kind word can make someone's day.
I haven't suffered too much from bullying and it was, like you say, more referred to as teasing when I was at school. But I have seen how it can destroy someone's self- confidence.

Sloane Taylor said...

Wonderful post, Lizzie. Yep, I was bullied in high school by twin girls. I got my revenge without doing a thing. I outlived both those catty rats. LOL

Anonymous said...

Great post, Lizzie!

Lizzie said...

Thank you everyone. The post hit a cord with me, given some my childhood issues.

Mav, in today's world what you described was a form of bullying. Making fun of people, whether their looks, clothes or something else, on a continuous basis is bullying. Glad you did make someone else's life better by being nice to them though.

Sloane, yep, that's Karma taking care of you :)

Yep, Sara & Susan, constant teasing or whatever you want to call it can destroy confidence and it goes beyond what you're being teased about.

Thanks, all...happy to be back at work. Never thought I'd look forward to winter!