Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday's Book - The Indian Shirt Story

I enjoyed Heather Lockman's fascinating book on how the retelling of history happenings from different points of view of individuals can put conflicting spins on the story.

Aside from slinging beer at her husband’s microbrewery, Bess Reynolds is the director of the Starkett House Museum, a preserved pioneer-era home. Along with Aunt Martha’s fan and Aunt Esther’s rocking chair, Bess has to deal with another relic--ninety-year old Lucille Starkett, who likes to tell inappropriate stories to tours. 

Then country music superstar and avid fisherman Duane Hasker rents out the museum as a film location. But when Duane shows up, he’s not alone. In addition to his film crew, his fans stake out the block, squabbling with a crowd protesting Duane’s cruelty to fish. So when Duane and Bess strike up a quick friendship, things get confusing fast.

After all, Duane Hasker is enough to turn any girl’s head--even Miss Lucille, whom he likes on sight. And neither Bess nor Port Heron will ever be the same.
To read an excerpt:


Sloane Taylor said...

This wonderful book is an Editor's Top Pick and a must read!

Vonnie said...

The story? The story? It's a great concept but hey, LOOK AT THE COVER! What a fantastic cover.