Monday, September 17, 2012

New Cover! New Book!

Finished DEAD Hot, the next release in the DEAD series. Thought you might want to see the cover by the amazing Kelly Shorten.

I will also be re-releasing some of the books in Indy form that I received the rights back on. Decided to dip my toe into the self-publishing area. Fingers crossed to get at least 2 out this year.

But, back to DEAD Hot.
The heroine is a shifter who is not too pleased with the form her shift takes, but its in her genes.
Our hero is a shifter too, but his little trist with a vampire has given him a lust for blood too.
Since a lot of this happens at All Halloween, Dovey, Daniel & the gang contribute to the action too.
DEAD Hot is scheduled to release October 12th at Musa Publishing.


Lisa Fender said...

I love it! Nice!

joye said...

This book sounds really good. Would love to read it at this time of year. I like the cover