Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Snippet: DEAD Hot

The current WIP is DEAD Hot. I can see my editor tapping her foot as I write this...can you say impatient?  She wants it yesterday, but she’s going to have to wait a little while longer.  After all, I can’t send her what’s not ready…right!  She’s probably looking at this going: “Why aren’t you writing instead of blogging?”  So I’ll make it short today…no need to annoy more than usual…*g*

Anyway, thought I’d share a few unrevised and unedited (expect plenty of those as fast as I’m writing this one) lines with you.

Plot:  Sharla is a shifter who isn’t thrilled with her alter ego when the change happens, but genetics are what they are.  Nor is she happy with the fact when she stresses she has no control over shifting…it just happens.  The one thing that does give her joy is watching Dorsey, the hunky bartender at All Halloween.  The daydreams she’s had about this guy are X rated.

Not only would she be soaking wet when she got home, but she be chilled to the bone.  What to do? What to do? For such a smart woman, there were times when she could be awfully wishy-washy and that part of her led to stress…like now.

And stress leads to lack of control.  Like now! Damnit!!

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