Monday, January 31, 2011

Are You in the Mood for Love and Chocolate?

Love and chocolate are great and together they create romance! That’s why I’ve decided to create the Magical Love Series that merges the two. And that led to the idea of a website based around the series that brings the two together. I’m currently working on building the Magical Love Chocolate website, a virtual chocolate site that will combine various contests, book clubs and recipes centered around—what else…love and chocolate.

So stay tuned…with luck (and it will take a lot given my techie handicaps) the site will be available later this week. And I’ll post the link here for you to check out.

Also, tune in here for upcoming blogs that will focus on chocolate and/or romance. Suggestions on vacations, foods of love (besides chocolate) and anything else I discover on the subject that tweaks my interest.


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