Monday, May 3, 2010

RT Fun

Sorry I didn't get anything accomplished here last week. Didn't go on the Internet, other than email from ye ol' cell phone, while I was at the Romantic Times Readers convention. Things got really insane on this end before I left and once there...well, what can I say...lots to see and plenty to do!

Now it's catch up time! Today, laundry and all the other fun things that went by the wayside here while I was gone. At least hubby knew what the dishwasher was this time around. Once laundry is done, I'm out the door again this afternoon. Babysitting for the step-son & wife who are on a cruise, so will be gone another 3 nights. Looking forward to quality time at home.

Talk about a 'feel good' for the heart. My daughter called this morning to see how things went in Columbus and in the background I could hear the almost 2 years old wanting to know who she was talking to. Daughter told her, Nana, and the little darling started chanting, "Nana always comes back. Mommy, Daddy, always comes back." Melted my heart!

Okay, off to finish folding clothes, grab lunch and then read over the notes from daughter-in-law to make sure I get to the bus stop in time this afternoon.

Have a great week!


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