Monday, February 22, 2010

Working on the Lemonade

Saw an interview on Good Morning America this morning with Alexandra Penney, the author of The Bag Lady Papers: The Priceless Experience of Losing It All. She was one of the people caught up in the Bernie Madoff scheme. As a former editor of Self Magazine and pretty entrenched in the ‘who’s who’ social set, I can’t identify with her on that level. But after pretty much losing her life savings (she still has her Baccarat crystal), she had to figure out how to earn a living.

Through the things she learned with this new page of life handed to her, Alexandra has developed a SNT attitude. Stop Negative Thinking is something a lot of us have to consciously do each day (me, me, me!) and I applaud her for it.

Just goes to show, no matter how who we are, a positive attitude is something that can help us get through our circumstances and live life instead of indulging in an on-going Pity Party.

Now, I’m off to make the tea for my SNT party.



Helen Hardt said...

Still working on my SNT attitude, Lizzie. You're an inspiration!

Lizzie said...

Here too, it's an uphill battle a lot of days, Helen.